Production Project – Session 1 School of Rock.




Intention (SMART Goal)

By October 14th, as a part of School of Rock, I will explore mixing music. I will do this using This video by Vubase. By the end I will have a fully mixed and made song. This will be for session one.


Leader(s) in the Field / Exemplary Work(s)

Trent Reznor

Training Source(s)



The (FILM, SOUND, or GAME Creation) Ending point To be continued…

IsenRon Theme

Skills Commentary

The timing is off on a lot of it especially the beginning, and it hasn’t been mixed at all. Also there is this weird problem with feedback that we were having for just one of the guitar tracks. We will just need to do a few more takes of everything.


21st Century Skills

Ways of Thinking (Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving)

Connor and I rewrote a movie theme into metal, This used critical thinking, and problem solving, and involved lots of creativity,

Ways of Working (Communication & Collaboration)

Being that we were in a band situation, there was lots of communication required to create this song. Connor and I wrote the guitar and bass, as well as the layout of the song. Simon did the drum parts, and Gryphon joined part way in to play the bass, while we practiced and recorded it.

Tools for Working (Info & Media Literacy)

We used the soundtrack from the Lord of the Rings, as well as GarageBand to record

Ways of Living in the World (Life & Career)

This gives good experience for working in a group. As well as recording in a studio.

Reactions to the Final Version

Self-Evaluation of Final Version

I think that it needs a lot of work, and that the mix isn’t the best, and theres a lot of issues, but i’m happy with the overall composition. Also since we focused mostly on recording and rehearsing I haven’t mixed anything, therefore we only have 1 version.

Grammar and Spelling




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