School of Rock – Week 7 – Tools, Time, and Room

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  • so first we talked about what we talked about that we entered a new phase or something like that had to do with really getting the class together. Then we talked about our assignments and what we had to do.


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  • I learned that maybe silence instead of being the absence of sound being the absense of white noise. Also just because that the supposed silence is endangered doesn’t mean that noise isn’t bad


  • One thing i learned about is that almost every single song can be transposed into piano chords and singular notes. Also that some songs were actually more complex lyrics wise than I thought.


  • Liam A somewhat normal high school kid having a normal day with nothing out of the normal. I mean other than the election for president is in a few days and their is a global pandemic. But other than those small details it was a normal day. He got up this morning looking at his clock realizing school was in 10 minutes. At first casually getting out of bed then as his brain started to wake up he realized that SCHOOL WAS IN 10 MINUTES. So he quickly put on clothes and didn’t bother with anything else. He opened his chromebook signed in for the day and joined the class zoom for english. As soon as he went on he regretted it because today was the day that he had to prepare for a boring argumentative essay. Liam then looked at his assignment where you had to submit your question. His question was whether students should go to school before Corona is over or not. Well the teacher had marked some pronunciation errors but then came the big Whammy. “I am not sure how this would work because one of your sources has to be a book and there hasn’t really been time to have books published on that subject. I was ABSOLUTELY DEVESTATED. Oh no now I have to think of another question. For the rest of the class I pondered what I should do. And even into the next class at 10:50 I couldn’t think of anything. I may have overexaggerated (I did) some of this so don’t think I am having a mental break down or anything 🙂



Developing Quality Workflow

What is Workflow?

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Work•flow /ˈwərkflō/

“The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.” –

What is a quality workflow?  How do we develop it?  Below are elements of the production cycle that most creative people move through as they create something.  First, we must identify the stages of project production. What is each stage and what are the quality checks for each stage.  Read on and find out!

Stages of Creation Development


How do we find ideas to develop?

  • Our Chromebooks are good tools as well as just the instruments that we play. Also just listening to the music.
  • The process that would work is to listen to music and fiddle around for a while and then bring it to the table and share it with everybody.
  • I don’t think there really is a way to measure quality for inspiration. It is different for everybody.
  • as I said before it is kinda hard to measure inspiration


How do we clarify our specific goal(s) for a project?

  • talking always work, but our blogs like this one works just as well.
  • if you tell us what you want us to do like write a song with a few classmates or by ourselves or whatever you like.
  • If the person has stated what they are planning to do then they are doing pretty well
  • Mr. Leduc measure quality of our specific goals because I don’t think that students would really find it interesting to look over someone goals than the finished project.


How can we brainwrite, brainstorm, storyboard, and plan our ideas at this phase?

  • To brainstorm and plan our ideas the blog and sound trap and your instrument would be the best tools
  • I really think that it depends on the person and what the person is interested in playing. But the process could be 1. what you want to play 2. coming up with jobs for certain people in your project (lead guitar, rythm, singer, drums etc… 3. start coming up with ideas for your part.
  • you can ask each group what are they doing and if they are getting on well
  • Mr Leduc would measure the quality


How do we communicate with each other and execute our plan for this phase? This is where we actually make the project.

  • a room where we can actually talk to each other privately and focus on the project. sound trap and instruments
  • well we could on our own come up with our own part a little and then come together in a room or in this case, zoom and soundtrap. work on it for a while and come up with the song
  • see if we are communicating well with eachother and getting stuff done and writing a song
  • I think Mr. Le Duc would measure quality


How do we communicate with each other and execute our final stages of the project for this phase? This is where we publish the project.

  • well soundtrap would be useful and the recording room
  • well after we finish the song playing the song and memorizing our part and then playing it.
  • listen to the song both with all the instruments and maybe just instruments singularly
  • I think the whole class should because unless someone is super shy then the whole class should listen to it


How do we share our project with our learning community, advisory members, and the world?

  • a stage could be useful (for if we are playing live) and soundtrap to use that recording.
  • well maybe we could send a recording of it to whoever wants to listen to it and we can also play live in front of people if possible
  • the people who listen to it could say the goods and bads about it
  • the people who listen to the song would measure the quality


How do we conduct a feedback session at the end of the project development cycle?

  • I don’t there are really any tools needed except for the recording
  • people could listen to it and fill out a form about what they liked and what could be better. But the questions should be about the playing of it not whether they liked that type of music.
  • a form that asks a bunch of questions about the song
  • the whole class including the students who made it