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Creative Person|Aspiring Musician/Sound Producer|Experienced with GarageBand|Experienced with Soundtrap|Experienced Guitarist|Songwriter


I am a Sophomore at Capital High School in Olympia Washington. I am an experienced musician and songwriter. Ever since I picked up the guitar in 2018 I have worked hard to learn and get better at mixing and playing various instruments.

I have learned and am continue learning how to write music and to collaborate with people and creative musical projects. I have performed multiple times in front of over a hundred people in the school talent show as well as a song writing workshop run by a group of local musicians and artists.

In college I wish to learn more about Sound Production and Design to be able to make my music more professional as well as help other express their creativity and make music. I wish to be creative and help people reach their dream.

I have participated in events such as the Find Your Future event. I have also participated in a songwriting workshop called the Bridge Music Project. This is a workshop where you are put into teams and for 8 weeks you work on writing a song.


Twenty-first Century Skills Precision Exams 2022

Backstage Precision Exams 2022

Game Design Precision Exams 2023

Sound Design Precision Exams 2023


Guitarist|Quick Learner|Presenter|

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