DAW Audio Composition Project


I made a composition using soundtrap, I recorded guitar and bass, and programmed drums. I didn’t use a song as a base since Mr Leduc said I could.

Audio File Formats and Definitions

AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format): stores standard CD-quality audio; similar to WAV (Higher Quality)

WAV (Waveform Audio File Format): CD audio; can be saved with different sampling and bit rates; similar to AIFF (Higher Quality)

MP3 (Audio File): Used to store audiobooks and music on a hard drive; Close to CD-quality sound; the higher quality sound comes from higher bit rates which also take up more storage space

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface): music data: notes played, when notes are played, how long each note is played, and the velocity of each note played; used to be able to exchange and use information between software and hardware programs; no actual audio data

All the audio file format information is found at: fileinfo.com

Song Used As Template

didn’t use a song because mr leduc said I could

GarageBand Tracks

My Composition

Only till 2:05 minutes link


What I Learned & Problems I Solved

I learned how to program drums better in soundtrap that fit better with the rest of the music as well as mixing the guitar and base better. A problem I had was that I was having trouble with making two parts of the songs flow together but I think I succeeded in making the transitions smooth/not smooth depending on what I needed.

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